The Benefits Of SMS Marketing & Whatsapp Bulk SMS

Business SMS Marketing Service is a scalable platform that is extremely reliable and flexible at its end. It allows sending thousands of messages with a single touch and connects you with customers. This technique is dynamic and customizes your message with a variety of dynamic solutions by managing the channel by keeping an eye on the message sent.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is an important factor that attracts people in many ways. This service is available at a reasonable price with special features service packages and discounts that can match your budget and goals.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a digital platform service that allows a brand or company to send messages in large volumes. It gives you a way to deliver the message to the bulk audience at the determined time.

High-speed delivery (High ROI)

SMS campaigns are sent directly at a high speed of hundreds of messages per second. The message gets delivered even if the customer's phone is out of range & guarantees a 100% delivery rate.

Wider Audience

With the help of Bulk SMS, a company can cost-effectively reach a larger number of people within seconds. It allows you to engage with your customer all around the globe in every possible language.

SMS Automation

It comes with a special feature of automation where you can schedule SMS campaigns at any time on different dates and times. This is mostly used in case you are busy or out of the office then it sends SMS automatically. Simply put, is the automatic sending or triggering on WhatsApp bulk SMS and text bulk SMS.

Reliable for all business

Bulk SMS has a very good response rate for all kinds of businesses either small scale or large scale. It also sends service reminders to the system which provides effective customer service. These features keep engaging customers to your brand and provide a clearer incentive at the same time.

Boost your business by WhatsApp

Easily boost your business by Whatsapp, if you are looking for great opportunities to explore your local business consider adding WhatsApp to online marketing, for offshore WhatsApp Bulk SMS services, sends text messages, audios, and videos.

Better Customer Engagement on WhatsApp

Make your brand value and awareness with WhatsApp bulk SMS, directly reach your potential customer, so now trigger or blast to the Whatsapp SMS such as brand promotion, election promotion Campaign, advertising, invitation, OTP API, and more.


SMS tips

Here are a few tips to ensure that your SMS will cover every demographics

Do not use alphanumeric sender IDs as many network operators all around the world can filter them out easily.
Many operators scan the coming traffic and search for keywords which specify spam so it’s best to avoid sensitive words.
Don’t overuse capital letters and exclamation marks.
Operators also attempt to block repeated messages so try to randomize your content.

Integrate With Other Channels

Bulk SMS marketing is a powerful tool that works best when integrated with multiple channels. It consists of various plugins and modules to integrate with the messaging service. The most exotic thing about SMS marketing company is that it works well independently but also works best when gets integrated with other channels. You can integrate here with your all channels that assure 100% reachability to the customers.

Sometimes the customers may not notice the SMS or it might get lost in spam inbox or it might get lost spam inbox but this will enable the customers to notice the messages as well as all existing offers. These notifications attract customers towards the offers and services which overall enhances marketing strategy. With the help of these SMS, you can inform your customers about important information by simply sending a message to all your recipients within seconds.

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Why is SMS marketing effective?

SMS marketing is an incredible tool that is known for its usefulness and effectiveness. It is known as the most powerful marketing channel which demonstrates its utilization in all aspects of businesses.

SMS marketing engagement rate is higher compared to email marketing. More than 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them. While email marketing has below 20% open rate. This makes SMS marketing very useful tool for businesses to send critical information and alerts to large number of people with high success rate.
There is a 45% response rate for SMS marketing while email marketing has just 8% response rate. And more importantly interaction with these messages is higher compare to other marketing tools.
Nearly 90% of people in India using mobile phone and nearly 30% of people in India using smartphone, SMS is an excellent way to reach these people instantly.
Text message marketing is emerging as a most effective marketing channel for today’s market and startups businesses. SMS is less expensive compare to other marketing channels. To take advantage of SMS, try makemysmsleading bulk SMS marketing service provider in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Getting started is super easy and with the ability to send messages all over the world, there’s no better time to start enhancing your marketing strategies than right now.